J. H. Ketcham Hose Company Rescue Squad was formed in 1969 with twelve members present.  Frank W. Kelly served as the first captain and Edward Duncan as the first lieutenant.  At that time a 1964 Cadillac was in service.  In 1970, a new Cadillac ambulance was purchased from Pinner Coach Company, Victoria, Miss.

At the present time the squad has approximately sixty members.  It owns two ambulances built by PL Custom, housed in Dover Station 1 and Dover Station 2.

Pulse Oxmeter purchased in 1995, one placed on 36-71 and 36-72.  Ambulance certified in December 1999 and 2001.  Nine Defibs were purchased in 2000.  In 2003, purchased a 2004 PL Custom Ambulance.

Call hours are 5pm to 5am seven days a week.